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The Belenos Prize is a joint initiative of Artesio, an artistic operator led by Philippe Marchal, and caviar.archi, the reference website of the video architecture founded by Mister Emma.  A pioneer of video on the web, Emma is also a journalist and director of the TV show Archi Urbain.

> Contact us: Belenos Prize c/o Artesio.
8 Camille Paulsen Square, Brussels 1070.
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Philippe Marchal

Philippe Marchal

Corporate administrator

Philippe Marchal is a Corporate administrator.
But he is also a collector and passionate of visual arts.

To give live to his artistic passions, he created Artesio in 2010.
Artesio is a private artistic operator, flexible and dynamic, who organizes and presents various activities dedicated to the visual arts.
It can be specific events, exhibitions, editions, media, ressources and the creation and management of artistic venues.

Philippe Marchal is the organizer of many events devoted to the artist’s book, of which he is recognized as a specialist.
But he is also the curator of numerous thematic or specific exhibitions devoted, in particular, to ceramic or contemporary tapestry.

In the profusion of the world of art, in which many activities clash, Artesio is a catalyst for passionate projects and enthusiastic achievements.

To help and allow the creation, the expression and the artistic diffusion : such are the goals of Artesio.

For the arts. Passionately !

I have always preferred the madness of passions to the wisdom of indifference.
Philippe Marchal likes to make this sentence of Anatole France.

Mister Emma

Mister Emma

Journalist, producer, director

Emma C. Dessouroux is a journalist and a producer. He founded Les Délires Productions sprl, an audio-visual production company based in Brussels, in 1998.

With various short fiction and animation films on its lists of productions as well as documentaries and other programmes for the RTBF, CANAL +, ARTE, the UNICEF and also Disneyland Paris, Les Délires Productions sprl and Emma have become a pioneer in the production of Internet videos. As early as 2003 the company launched into the creation of the website misteremma.com.

Mister Emma also works on urban events in Brussels (Parcours surréalistes, Tribus urbaines, Humours du Monde, Mister Emma Art Loft) and, since 2006, has produced Archi Urbain, a programme on architecture and urban planning that goes out every week on BX1 (Belgium) and is re-screened on TNA (France), and La Trois – RTBF (Belgium).

Since 2015, Mister Emma produce a new format of videos of architecture with caviar.archi.



Celtic God

It is a deity described as brilliant, radiant, and resplendent that has correspondences in Celtic mythology. With these attributes, Belenos is a luminous God.

Belenos is presented as the model of the Sun-God.  Belenos represents sunlight or solar rays that reach the earth’s surface.  Besides the sun, Belenos is also the symbol of youth, renewal, and by extension of the spring.

Belenos has also often been likened to Apollon, the Greek God of the arts. It’s therefore very logically that he was chosen to give his name to an artistic integration prize.