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The Belenos Prize rewards an artistic integration in a real estate or urban planning project in Belgium.

Two prizes are awarded: one for a temporary art work, the other for a sustainable art work. The Belenos Prize is awarded each year in Brussels by an independent jury of leading personalities in architecture, heritage, real estate and urban planning.

> More information about the Jury: HERE

To be eligible for the Belenos Prize 2021, the projects must have been carried out, started or completed during the previous calendar year, in 2020. It must therefore be an artistic integration, ephemeral or lasting, carried out in Belgium. The Jury chooses the two winners on the basis of a pre-selection of 20 achievements (10 ephemeral and 10 perennial). The twenty projects selected to compete for the Belenos Prize 2021 will be the subject of an exhibition at the Art Center ‘AUTONOMIE from December 4 to 18, 2021.

The ceremony of the Belenos Prize 2021 will take place on Friday, December 3, 2021 from 7pm in the Art Center ‘AUTONOMIE.

It will be undoubtedly the rendez-vous of professionals in architecture, heritage, real estate and urban planning.