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Article 1 – Organizers

The Belenos Prize is organized by Philippe Marchal, President of Artesio, artistic operator, and Christophe Dessouroux, alias Mister Emma, initiator of the television show Archi Urbain and the reference site in architecture video caviar.archi.

Article 2 – Office

The secretariat of the Belenos Prize is installed in the offices of Artesio, Avenue des Arts, n ° 19 F in 1000 – Brussel.

Article 3 – The Prize

The Belenos Prize rewards artistic integration in a real estate or urban planning project in Belgium. Two prizes are awarded: one for an ephemeral artistic work and one for a permanent work. It can be a new integration in a new building or in an existing building, or renovation of an existing work, the Belenos Prize also aims to enhance and safeguard existing integrations. The Belenos Prize is annual. It is awarded each year in Brussels during a gala evening which, in 2019, will take place on Tuesday, December 3. Various awards are given to the two winners, including the production of a professional video report on the projects awarded by Les Délires Productions. The report will be made in perfect consultation between the production house and the project bearer awarded according to the usual conditions of the house of production available on request.

Article 4 – The Jury

The Belenos Prize is awarded by an independent jury of leading figures in the fields of architecture, heritage, real estate, urban planning and visual arts. It is composed of nine members and chaired by one of them. The members of the Jury are invited by the organizers who are automatically part of it. The Jury is renewed every year. Its composition is made public as soon as the call for projects is announced. The deliberations of the jury are confidential, sovereign and indisputable. The jury makes its choices according to its own criteria. In particular, it may decide not to award a Prize for one or the other category. It can also decide to award a Prize to several projects tied. The jury secretariat is provided by the organizers.

Article 5 – Eligible projects

To be eligible for the Belenos Prize – 2019, the proposed project, whether temporary or permanent, must have been completed during the calendar year 2018, ie between January 1 and December 31, 2018. The project must be carried out in Belgium but may be carried by foreign candidates. It can be a project realized in a private or public space, and which can be accessible to the public or not. The objective of the Belenos Prize is to encourage artistic integration in real estate and urban projects and to promote them. The deadline for submitting candidatures for the Belenos Prize – 2019 is October 31, 2019.

Article 6 – Project holder

The project holder can be Belgian or foreign, public or private.
It could be :
 a prime contractor: owner, developer
 a designer or conceptor: architect, urban planner, landscaper, engineer
 an artist

A project can only be submitted by one project holder, but several projects can be submitted by the same project holder.

Article 7 – Registration

Registration for the Belenos Prize is made only with the registration form available on the website www.belenos.brussels. The requested file and attachments must be sent to the Prize secretariat by e-mail by 31 October, 2019 at the latest. Registration for the Belenos Prize is free. The submitted registration file will not be subject to subsequent modifications by the project holder. The submitted application file must be complete as soon as it is sent and reflect the exact situation of the project. All requested documents accompanying the registration form must be sent at the same time as the application by email. Any incomplete registration file will be automatically rejected without the organizers and the Jury having to justify it more fully.

Article 8 – Liability, assignments of rights

By submitting an application, the holder of a project makes sure that he has all the rights to do so. It is supposed to have the approval of all stakeholders in the project concerned, regardless of their quality and involvement. Without this enumeration being exhaustive, it may be the project manager (owner, developer, developer), the designer or developer (architect, urban planner, landscaper, engineer) or the artist(s). The organizers and the Jury could in no way be held responsible for any failure of the holder of a project. By sending a registration file and the requested attachments, the holder of a project automatically grants the organizers the right to communicate and publish relevant information relating to the proposed project. In addition, the holder of a project ensures that the photographs and illustrations of the project sent to the organizers are free of rights without any specific or compulsory mention of any kind. The organizers will be able to freely use and adapt the photographs and illustrations received by all the appropriate means and processes in any form whatsoever and on any medium whatsoever, for the purposes of the communication of the Belenos Prize – 2019 and possibly in support of the communication of subsequent editions.

Article 9 – Calendar of the Belenos Prize – 2019

Registration starts: upon publication of the regulations and the registration file on the Belenos Prize website
Closing Date: October 31, 2019
Jury deliberations: during the month of November 2019

Belenos Prize Ceremony 2019: Monday, December 2, 2019 at 7 pm at the Belenos Gala at Tour & Taxis in Brussels

Article 10 – Miscellaneous clauses

The organizers of the Belenos Prize reserve the right to modify, delay or cancel the Belenos Prize – 2019 if exceptional circumstances encourage them to do so. They will not have to justify it and incur no liability arising from this decision. The project holder is forbidden, on behalf of all stakeholders in the project concerned, to contest the decisions of the Jury which are confidential and sovereign.



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