The Belenos Prize

The Belenos Prize rewards an artistic integration in a real estate or urban planning project in Belgium.

Two prizes are awarded: one for a temporary art work, the other for a sustainable art work.

The Belenos Prize is awarded each year in Brussels by an independent jury of leading personalities in architecture, heritage, real estate and urban planning.

> More information about the Jury: HERE

Different awards are offered to the winners, including the production of a video on the award-winning projects, that will be broadcast on the channels.

To be eligible for the Belenos Prize 2019, the proposed project must have been realized during the calendar year 2018, that is, between January 1 and December 31, 2018.

Deadline for submission of projects: October 31, 2019.

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Discover Unlimited Beauty

The Belenos Gala

The Belenos Gala 2019 will be held on Monday, December 2 at the Hôtel de la Poste on the Tour & Taxis site in Brussels.

It is undoubtedly the rendez-vous of professionals in architecture, heritage, real estate and urban planning.

The « Belenos family » will meet for the Belenos Prize 2019 Ceremony and to share the experience of great speakers.
This evening of prestige will be placed under the sign of pleasure and business. And who says gala evening of course says gourmet meal and quality meetings.

In addition, the Belenos Gala will be an opportunity to actively support with to the Belenos Student Project, the realization of an artistic project initiated by art students.

Who’s who ?

The Belenos Prize and the Belenos Gala are a joint initiative of Artesio, an artistic operator led by Philippe Marchal, and, the reference website of the video architecture founded by Mister Emma.  A pioneer of video on the web, Emma is also a journalist and director of the TV show Archi Urbain.

> More information about the organizers: HERE

> Contact us: Belenos Prize & Gala c/o Artesio.
19F avenue des Arts, Brussels 1000.
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Belenos is a Gallic God. It is a deity described as brilliant, radiant, and resplendent that has correspondences in Celtic mythology. With these attributes, Belenos is a luminous God.  Belenos is presented as the model of the Sun-God.  Belenos represents sunlight or solar rays that reach the earth’s surface.  Besides the sun, Belenos is also the symbol of youth, renewal, and by extension of the spring. Belenos has also often been likened to Apollon, the Greek God of the arts. It’s therefore very logically that he was chosen to give his name to an artistic integration prize.

Become a partner

Would you like to associate your image and your know-how with the Belenos Prize and the Belenos Gala evening ? Welcome ! We are preparing various attractive packages that will allow you to sponsor this unmissable rendez-vous of architecture, heritage, real estate and urban planning.

Already, you can tell us your interest by sending an email HERE.

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The Belenos Prize
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The Belenos Gala
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